Own Your Space Amongst A Busy Market

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, even NFT’s and cryptocurrency have all changed what it means to be an entrepreneur. It’s not just about starting and funding your own business as it was in the past. Now, it’s about how you position your brand and offering within the market and through this, creating an entirely new niche for your brand in the process. As we continue to shift to a digital market, it’s important to understand the possibility and potential your brand has within this evolving market for popularity and success. Though a digital market gives you a larger audience, it also creates a more competitive playing field to gain customer loyalty.  So what can you do to stand out amongst the crowd?

Entrepreneur, author and engineer Andrew Ryder, says it’s through consistency in offering and customer service over time that small businesses and entrepreneurs can get the upper hand on their competitors. 


On the flip side of that strategy, there’s social media. Being an influencer on platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok as well as streaming on YouTube and Twitch are the new goal and ideal among most millennials due to the overnight success of people like Liza Koshy, Ninja, and Addison Rae. These famous influencers and content creators have taken their name and talent and made it their brand. They utilized the uniqueness of their talents and who they were and created their own space within a well known medium to become popular and successful. With their platform developed and fanbase established, these creators then had the opportunity to branch out their brand to industries like apparel, makeup, and even supplements.  

So where does your business fall? Should it remain calm and consistent or does it have the potential for overnight fame? These are questions you need to ask yourself. As an entrepreneur you know your business best and know exactly what your brand represents in the market. But knowing where you fall amongst the changing crowd can lead you to the right strategy. A constantly evolving market does create more competition, but it also provides more opportunity for you to think outside of the box to market your brand. These days, popularity and success are based on what stands out against the crowd. Marketing your business is less about colors and text and more on creating a new space in the market for your brand. With big competition and an ever-evolving marketplace, new ideas and concepts are welcomed, and often, rewarded. Take the risk, think outside the box and allow your brand to own its space.